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Personal Injury

Need a Personal Injury Attorney?


The law firm of Charles T. Conrad, P.S. over the last 37 years, has successfully handled personal injury claims in excess of one million dollars.


Our firm has vast experience in:

  • auto accident cases
  • dog bite cases
  • bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • boating accidents


Our clients have been electrocuted with severe burns and loss of limbs. Some injuries are so extensive clients become paraplegics or left in a vegetative state. Serious, life-changing accidents are legally complex. Insurance companies vigorously defend these cases.


Only a lawyer who has traveled this road many times is qualified to represent such clients. Our firm has tried a vast array of personal injury cases before a jury and successfully argued cases before the Washington State Appellate Courts, including our State Supreme Court.


If our firm is compatible with your needs, we will compassionately discuss your individual needs and formulate a plan for your protection and benefit.


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Experience is Your Best Attorney, Over 40 Years of Successful Representation

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