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Distribution Center Accidents

What is a Commercial Truck?

Washington State defines truck as, “Commercial vehicle means any vehicle the principle use of which is the transportation of commodities, merchandise, produce, freight, animals, or passengers for hire.” RCW 46.04.140 Commercial Vehicle.

Driving on the Job

            When a worker drives from job site to job site and is in a car accident, the worker normally has a valid L&I claim.

            An example is your boss tells you to go pick up building supplies and you have a car accident, you probably have a valid L&I claim.

            Whenever, you are driving as part of your job, and you have an accident, you probably have a valid L&I claim and you can sue the at-fault driver.

            For more information on what qualifies as working on the job, please see RCW 51.08.013 Acting in the Course of Employment.

Delivery Truck Accidents

            Many workers are employed driving delivery trucks. They often injure their backs delivering their cargo. Sometimes they slip on a ramp or in the store. Sometimes cargo falls on them.

            In these situations, the worker probably has a valid on the job injury claim.


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